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Ace Physio recently paid tribute to the late Robin McKenzie after his passing at the age of 82.

Robin was a world renowned Physiotherapist with a special interest in spinal disorders. He founded the McKenzie Institute International, a not-for-profit organization and developed MDT, the Mechanical Diagnostics and Therapy. MDT is currently being taught around the world and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in both clinical research and clinical practice. Robin has been, and will continue to be an inspiration to Physiotherapists and patients who will continue to benefit from his wo“At Ace Physio we personalize and utilize the teachings of Robin McKenzie everyday”. “It’s a safe and effective approach, and the principles of MDT have helped hundreds of my patients recover from neck and back pain”, says Brad Saltz, Registered Physiotherapist.

As a tribute to Robin McKenzie, Ace Physio has a demonstration of exercise #1 from his world famous book, ‘Treat Your Own Neck’. The exercise is designed to relieve a stiff or painful neck caused by a forward head posture (or protracted posture).


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Ace Physio is a leading Downtown Toronto Physiotherapy clinic offering personalized one-on-one treatment. The Ace Physio clinic features the latest equipment designed to treat injuries related to sports, motor vehicle accidents, and workplace accidents. Ace Physio’s Registered Physiotherapist are trained and knowledgeable in the McKenzie method. Conveniently located at 2 Carlton St (Yonge and College) with easy access for patients via the TTC Subway, and convenient weekend hours, Ace Physio has a solution to meet the needs of Toronto and GTA residents.

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