The Wound Clinic

Ace Physio is pleased to offer wound care for diabetic, arterial and venous wounds, and pressure injuries (also known as bed sores). Our Wound Care physiotherapist has advanced training in hard to treat wounds through the International Interprofessional Wound Care Course from the University of Toronto. 

Several modalities (ultrasound, laser, ultraviolet C, high voltage-pulsed current) can be used for wound management to reduce the amount of bacteria in the wound and promote wound healing. 

If you are unsure if your wound is treatable using any of these modalities, please call us at 416-900-6653 and our physiotherapist will be able to speak with you.

We also offer virtual telehealth for other those who cannot access services (e.g. those living in remote locations). We are also available for consult with other physiotherapists who are treating individuals with wounds. 

dressing tray
HVPC final set up

Interested in a FREE educational App for pressure injuries?


Download Pressure Ulcer Target from the App Store (available on iPad only)