Custom Orthotics Downtown Toronto

Ace Physio is proud to offer high quality custom orthotics dispensed by our Chiropodist

Custom Orthotics Downtown Toronto

During standing and walking our bodies are subjected to the natural forces that can inflict mechanical stress and strain throughout our joints. When the foot is not aligned (e.g. with flat feet, injury, surgery) extra forces occur throughout the knees, hips, back and neck. Balance must be restored to improve postural alignment and optimize foot function. 

Custom Orthotics correct this imbalance improving the biomechanics of the body leading to relief of pain in the feet, ankles, knees and hip. Ace Physio in Downtown Toronto offers a wide variety of custom orthotics to meet your individual needs.

Many insurance companies reimburse for orthotics.

We use only three dimensional sources of the patients’ feet to manufacture our orthotics. The video on the left shows how we scan your feet to fit you for orthotics. 



We send your 3D scan to our supplier which then begin to build your orthotics using raw materials. This method of manufacturing your orthotics is currently accepted by all of the major insurance companies in Canada. 


Manufacturing Process*3D scanning of Plaster Casts or Foam Impressions directly linked to CAD CAM milling of a positive 3D image of the patients feet*Pouring plaster into either the Plaster Casts or Foam Impressions of the patients’ feet.


Your custom orthotics will be manufactured based on your unique needs. Different materials are used depending on the type of orthotic you need. 


Orthotics can also be customer depending on your unique foot problem. Below are some accommodations that can be made to your orthotics.