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The Physiotherapists at Ace Physio Toronto wishes everyone a Happy and Healthy 2014!

Let’s make this year a Health and Wellness Year — and this Winter an Olympic Winter!

Winter may turn Toronto into a deep freeze but it’s also a great time to get back into the gym and work off a pound or two of holiday cheer! Or get out your longjohns and sharpen your skates for a family outing! Or get back onto your skis and challenge the slopes!

Here are some Health and Wellness RESOLUTIONS for the New Year:

If you’re shovelling your way out after a snowfall, RESOLVE to dress appropriately for the cold weather and warm up those muscles — especially your low back, hamstrings, arms and shoulders. Always use a shovel that fits you! A lightweight shovel with an adjustable handle will make your shovelling easier. While shovelling, bend at your hips and keep your core strong to avoid low back stress. Try pushing the snow rather than lifting — but it you do lift, bend your knees and lift with your legs! And turn with your feet to prevent strains. Give yourself a one-minute time-out every 10 to 15 minutes to allow your muscles to recover.

If you’re heading back to the gym, RESOLVE to warm up with a good stretch for your muscles to prevent injury. Also, a little conditioning in the gym before enjoying your favourite winter activity will help minimize the risk of injury.

If you’re heading to the rink, RESOLVE to wear properly fitted skates and the right clothes to keep your ambient temperature up to minimize risk of injury. Hockey helmets for beginners of any age will protect your head when you fall. Knee and elbow pads will prevent soft tissue damage. Make sure the rink surface is safe and always supervise young skaters.

If you’re enjoying the thrills of downhill skiing, RESOLVE to get in shape before you hit the slopes to help prevent injury. Always check that your equipment is in good working order and wear the proper safety gear to protect you in a fall. Staying hydrated will also help prevent muscle fatigue which often leads to injury and, if you do fall, give yourself enough time to recover before your next run.

If you do, however, slip and fall whether on sidewalks, ice rink or slopes and sustain an injury or simply need some physio maintenance, REMEMBER Ace Physio is here to help you make 2014 a Health and Wellness Year! So don’t let a minor injury today become a major problem tomorrow! Maintain your wellness by treating injuries early with a call to Ace Physio’s Health and Wellness Hotline: 416.900.6653.

Happy and Healthy 2014!
The Ace Physio Team

P.S. We love referrals! If you have any friends or family whom you feel would benefit from our services, please don’t hesitate to have them call us. We’ll be sure to take great care of them!

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