Cabbagetown Physiotherapy Downtown Toronto

Cabbagetown is named after poor Irish immigrants settled in the area in the 1840’s and planted cabbages in their front yards to feed their families.  Clearly, the name stuck.

Physical Location and boundries of Cabbagetown in Downtown Toronto

The boundaries of Cabbagetown have shifted and changed over the years.  As Downtown Toronto grew up and into a prominent international city, Cabbagetown preserved much of the charm and history of the city’s early days.  In 2004, the neighbourhood was designated an Historic Conservation District bordered by Wellesley Park, the Necropolis and Riverdale Park to the east; Carlton Street to the south; east of Parliament Street to the west; and St. James Cemetery to the north.These borders embrace (according to the Cabbagetown Preservation Association) “the largest, continuous area of preserved Victorian housing in all of North America” and during the second weekend in September, while visitors enjoy the annual Cabbagetown Festival parade and arts and crafts fair, they can  also take the Tour of Homes and see for themselves.

On the west side of Cabbagetown is Allen Gardens – 16,000 square feet of green in the middle of Toronto’s downtown core.  Its Palm House is home to an exotic collection of orchids, hibiscus, cacti, caladiums and, of course, palms.

To the east is Riverdale Farm, originally built in 1858 and site of Toronto’s first zoo.  Now a 7.5 acre working Victorian farm, it welcomes visitors every day of the year – to enjoy the Rites of Spring or the Fall Festival; to experience farm life in the 1880s or feed the animals at the petting zoo; or simply to shop at the Farmer’s Market, open from the end of May to mid-October.

 Cabbagetown – Home of legends.

Cabbagetown has also been home to some of Canada’s leading writers, journalists, publishers and poets – including Hugh Garner, Ernest MacMillan, Betty Oliphant, Al Purdy and Gordon Sinclair.

The neighbourhood continues to encourage the arts.  The annual Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival is an international juried film festival, attracting filmmakers from across Canada and around the world.    The Canadian Children’s Dance Company trains aspiring young dancers and the associated dance company, TILT Sound & Motion, has gained international acclaim and performed around the world.

Ace Physio and Cabbagetown

Ace Physio is proud to be a part of this rich history. The residents of Cabbagetown can receive the finest in chiropractic, acupuncture and physiotherapy right in their own neighbourhood. Contact Ace Physio online at or call (416) 900-6653 . You can also book an appointment online simply by visiting our website.

Ace Physio thanks the residents of Cabbagetown for welcoming us into your community and for working so hard to preserve the area’s amazing history, heritage and culture.



  • Sharon Gabison

    Registered Physiotherapist BSc, BScPT, MSc, PhD: A graduate of the University of Toronto in Human Biology, Sharon completed her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. She went on to pursue further graduate work, completing her Master of Science from the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute and a PhD from the Institute of Medical Science both from the University of Toronto. Her interest in Physiotherapy originated while pursuing her first undergraduate degree while struggling with postural challenges and seeking physiotherapy treatment. Her interest in medicine, working with people, and developing and adhering to therapeutic plans inspired her to pursue a career in Physiotherapy. Her interest in research, orthopaedics, neurology, therapeutic agents and pressure injuries (bed sores) lead her to pursue graduate work. Sharon emphasizes a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Her experience of raising a son with a disability has continued to inform her career that has spanned over 25 years. She is able to appreciate the rehabilitation process not only from the professional perspective, but from the client perspective. Her extensive knowledge of biomechanics, orthopaedics, exercise prescription, electrophysical agents with a strong background in research enables her to provide evidence based treatment when designing and implementing rehabilitation plans. With a special interest in patient and family engagement through her volunteer work, Sharon is able to ensure that treatment that is provided takes into consideration the unique challenges that individuals may experience when adhering to treatment recommendations in their busy lives.

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