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Every sport has its holy site:  Major League Baseball has Yankee Stadium in New York City; the NFL has Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin; and the NHL has Maple Leaf Gardens in downtown Toronto, Ontario

From 1931 to 1999, the Toronto Maple Leafs called Maple Leaf Gardens home. They won 11 Stanley Cups playing here.  Maple Leaf Gardens was also home to basketball teams, soccer teams and, at one time, a professional lacrosse team.  The building was designated a heritage site under the Ontario Heritage Act by the City of Toronto in 1991.

Now, even though the building’s function has changed, Maple Leaf Garden still welcomes residents and visitors alike.

In 2004, Maple Leaf Gardens was purchased by Loblaw Companies, Canada’s largest food retailer.  Loblaws converted it into a 70,000 square foot grocery store complemented by dozens of other retail stores and office.  The space offers a patisserie for those with a sweet tooth, a bakery for a fresh loaf of bread, an LCBO to pick up wine to accompany dinner and even a Joe Fresh which offers affordable clothing. The Maple Leaf Garden’s Loblaws offers cooking classes and also boasts a large canteen where you can relax and enjoy a meal on tables that display the Maple Leaf’s history. 

In 2009, actor Matt Damon hosted a concert at the Gardens.  It was even used as the production site of the first season of CBC’s “Battle of the Blades”, a reality television series that paired professional hockey players with professional figure skaters in a dance skating competition for charity. To this day, Ryerson University uses part of the building as an athletic facility.

Sports Physiotherapy Toronto Downtown
Huge Maple Leaf made out of the old Maple Leaf Garden chairs on wall of Loblaws

Ace Physio is proud to be a part of this heritage.  As the premier Physiotherapy providers in Toronto, their offices are a stone’s throw from this great sporting mecca. Located up the street from the Maple Leaf Gardens, Ace Physio provides the finest in Sports Physiotherapy to athletes, allowing them to get back in the game whether it’s on the field, on the ice or on the court. Using cutting edge technologies such as Shockwave Therapy, Laser Therapy, and Spinal Decompression Ace Physio can heal injuries and even help an athlete’s body to remove scar tissue that accumulates after an injury. 

Sports Physiotherapy Downtown Toronto
Bill Barilko Stanley Cup Memorial Poster on the wall of Loblaws

Connect with Ace Physio on the internet at or by telephone (416) 900-6653 or visit our facility at the corner of Carlton and Yonge.

Maple Leaf Gardens Physiotherapy
Old Maple Leaf Garden chairs available to enjoy your meal at and reminisce

For more than 80 years, Maple Leaf Gardens has embodied the spirit of sports in Toronto.   Ace Physio is honoured to be a part of Toronto’s sporting history and its future. 

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