What causes neck pain with headaches?

What causes neck pain and headaches?

Neck pain with or without headaches can literally be a pain in the neck. You may find yourself experiencing pain at the back of the neck (on one or both sides). This pain may radiate to the eye and forehead leading to a headache. Certain postures (e.g. working at the computer) may aggravate this pain. Sometimes this pain may be brought on by trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident. While it can be distressing to experience, sometimes it is more distressing to not understand why we experience neck pain with headaches and what can be done about it.

There are several reasons why people experience neck pain with headaches.

shutterstock_517592431v2Getting help for neck pain

One reason is a result of tight muscles in the back of the neck. Not only may the muscles in the back of the neck be tight, but the individual may also experience tightness in the upper traps. The individual may engage in activities without knowing that they aggravate the pain. The person may have a habitual posture that unknowingly aggravates the pain. This is where physiotherapists can help.

What can be done about neck pain?

Once your physiotherapist has determined that your neck pain with headaches is as a result of tight muscles in the back of the neck, your physiotherapist may use manual therapy, stretches and modalities to help relax the muscles and help you with your pain. Exercises may be provided to help stretch out the tight muscles in the back of the neck and strengthen your postural muscles. The physiotherapist may also provide you with education regarding proper sitting and standing postures and how to avoid aggravating the pain if needed. Sometimes acupuncture may be used.

To get help with your neck pain, feel free to contact one of our physiotherapists at Ace Physiotherapy to book an appointment. Appointments can be booked over the phone at 416-900-6653 or through our website at www.acephysio.com .

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